RN1507 Spectrum Circle Lenticular Print, 2023

This work was made in support of NSPCC. 

In signature Rob and Nick fashion, Spectrum Circle Lenticular Print has been formed from layered concentric circles running through differing colour spectra, resulting in a smooth, vibrant animation. 24 frames have been printed directly on the reverse of an optical lens sheet. Each lens has a printed slice of the 24 images so that the viewer controls the transition as they move past.

The finished print is mounted on aluminium and derives from original iconic Rob and Nick Carter Spectrum Circles. In these works, circles drawn with light were painstakingly captured directly on light-sensitive paper with critical colour accuracy. Now mediated through the lenticular medium, the concentric circles pulse and move, controlled by the motion of the viewer to create different variations of the image.

The work is characterised by the fact that it is never static — the perspective is always changing with the interaction of the layered images. The unbridled enjoyment of abstract colour also results in a positively vibrant, glossy work, potent with visual energy.

Lenticular print mounted on aluminium

25⅛ in Ø | 63·8 cm Ø
edition of 50 + 10 artists’ proofs

45¾ in Ø | 110 cm Ø
edition of 5 + 3 artists’ proofs

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