RN1410 Hyde Park Roses, 2021

We are lucky enough to live in a beautiful part of London near Hyde Park. The parks are the lifeblood of this incredible city and we spent time in the Royal Parks every day during lockdown in 2020, appreciating the nature surrounding us like never before.  Our regular trips to the park inspired a new body of work documenting all the roses within the Hyde Park Rose Garden. Isolated from their context their colours seem hyper-real, but they are true to life. Hyde Park Roses combines a selection of these images into a collage that radiates the colours and scents of the Garden, and distils the emotional intensity of outdoor experiences during an extraordinary summer.

C Type Supergloss print

24 × 24 in | 61 × 61 cm

edition of 95 

Prints are available Diasec mounted and would then require no further framing.

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