RN1202 Spectrum Circle Print, 2018

Spectrum Circle Print is based on a series from Rob and Nick Carter’s early Light Paintings, where, in complete darkness, light was shone onto a revolving piece of light-sensitive paper, creating concentric circles of coloured light

C Type Supergloss print

27 × 27 in | 69 × 69 cm

edition of 95 

Print only purchases will come in a bespoke cardboard tube to be framed.

Prints are available Diasec mounted and would then require no further framing. 

Diasec is a mounting process whereby the print is sandwiched between aluminium and acrylic. Because of the different light penetration and refraction of acrylic glass, compared to normal glass, the colours are more brilliant and the image sharper. All Diasec prints are equipped with a special back-frame that allows the work to be hanged. The back-frame is hidden behind the artwork and leaves the picture floating in front of the wall.

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